Mr. Rochi Ram got his early education from  Mithi, Tharparkar, and passed matriculation from Bombay University in 1946. He did BA Hons in political science from University of Sindh, and LLB in 1952 from Karachi university. He started his professional career as lawyer with apprenticeship from Dharmdas & Co Hyderabad in 1952, and was registered as  advocate of high court on 23th July 1953. Since then he continues to be an advocate of high court. He also joined HRCP and continued to be member of its Board of Director for 15 years.

Mr. Rochi ram is translator of Sindh Treatise Act and author of 5 books on Pakistan and Sindh Political and economic Affairs. He has also served as a member of Board of Director of Sindh University Law College and has remained a legal advisor of companies including TRDP for many years.