Thardeep Rural Development Programme (TRDP) is a not-for-profit integrated rural development programme. TRDP works with poor and vulnerable segments of society particularly women in the most deprived and remote areas of Sindh Province.

Social mobilization is the foundation of TRDP program. With participation of community institutions, TRDP implements activities under five major themes: 1) sustainable livelihoods, enterprise development and poverty graduation, 2) elementary education with focus on girl’s education, 3) mother and child health, 4) food security and nutrition improvement and 5) disaster preparedness, management, and water & sanitation.


Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860(Registration No.3835) in July 1998 at Hyderabad.


Registration No. SN-7433168665027991

Registered and has signed MoU with Economic Affairs Division Government of Pakistan.

PCP Certification No. PCP-R5/2022/0042



Enlarging the choices of marginalized people with priority to women and poor communities.


To help marginalized people to get benefit from the development process through participatory approaches.

TRDP’s Approach:

TRDP employs three-tiered social mobilization approach. The community organizations based at household level elect village organizations (VOs) which further federate in to the representative bodies namely local support organizations (LSOs). These VOs and LSOs add value of social mobilization to health, education, disaster risk management, income generation and climate change including natural resource management, water and sanitation.

For the purpose a strong integrated approach is being employed, facilitating growth of “responsible community organizations”. The responsible community organizations mean organizations with substantial household representation, women participation and having required legitimacy. such as registration under relevant act.  Such community institutions/organizations build a service delivery mechanism at the grassroots level, and provide platform for an effective interface with government bodies, other development programmes and market.

TRDP continuous to develop a critical mass of diversified human and physical resources along with in-depth coverage and scaling-up of programme.

TRDP believes that the poor communities are in the process of transformation This transformation is from an agro-pastoral way of living towards semi-industrialized society. TRDP facilitates them to get adjust with new change in a way that it can make the poor communities prosperous.

Programme Themes

  1. Community Organization through Social Mobilization

  2. Promoting Elementary Education

  3. Food Security and Nutrition improvement

  4. Income Generation, Sustainable Livelihood and poverty graduation.

  5. Promoting Social and Environmental Safeguards and Disaster Risk Reduction.