The fifty members’ General Body of TRDP is the supreme forum and the custodian of the organizational Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association. The TRDP General Body includes members from the community, founding members, and technocrats. The General Body elects the Board of Directors (BoD). It is mandatory that either chairperson or the vice-chairperson shall be the woman. The Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for overall the management of the organization, reporting to BoD through chairperson. The Board constitutes various committees as and when required  to support the management.

TRDP management works in participatory way. The management team meets twice a month to share progress and build on lessons learnt. TRDP has strong system in place with appropriate policies and procedures to ensure proper implementation of internal controls and maintain transparency.  The major policies include:

  • Human Resource Policy

  • Administration Policy

  • Procurement Policy

  • Property Management Policy

  • Financial Management Policy

  • Vehicles Management Policy

  • Gender Policy

  • Information Technology Policy

  • Child Rights Policy